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When two Hamilton songwriting divas with power-house vocals decide to pull the trigger on a duo act, naturally they called it "The Pistollettes". The unstoppable pair of Ginger St James and Mary Simon make for a deadly combination. Then along came Justine Fischer, know as the Bass Machine and the trio was complete. Individually, each have filled big boots with impressive number of accolades.

With her sultry and powerful voice, her sassy and commanding stage presence, and a repertoire that blends country, rock n’ roll and blues, Ginger St. James packs a lot of entertainment into her 5-foot frame. A born entertainer, St. James began writing songs and telling jokes at 3 years old. Inspired by watching musicals, cabaret and listening to Big Band 8 tracks at Nanny and Grandad’s. Feeling the most “in her own skin” expressing herself musically, St. James began writing tongue-in-cheek songs that were entertaining lyrically as well and visually and musically. 

Mary Simon's formula is simple, time-tested. With five albums behind her, the Hamilton singer/songwriter's powerful voice and vision have contributed to years of touring and creative explorations. She describes her sound as “gritty roots rock” which draws fans from North and South of the border. With a certain je ne c’est quois of lyrical sensibility, melodious composition and timeless storytelling, you will want to invite her back, or better yet never have her leave. 

Justine Fischer is no stranger to the stage with a history of touring with many artists past and present including Matty Simpson and Fred Eaglesmith. Not only does she rock her unique electric stand up bass she adds killer harmonies and kicks in her accordion for some tunes.

Bring together the sassy and outspoken Ginger St James, the feisty and boisterous Mary Simon and the sultry sexy Justine Fischer and you can be sure there'll be some hoot'n hollering from this trio. Mix in strong 3 part harmonies, duelling guitars and stand up bass you'll want to fire a round!